Iowa City, Iowa
Saturday June 14, 2008
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Kent Burnside
Iowa City Yacht Club
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Iowa City, Iowa
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Jonnie Bock (aka Jonnie Geetahr, Bockstar, or J. Bizzle) was born into hard times,
and his music has always been a reflection of his pain and his subsequent struggles
against society.  His youth was filled with newspaper deliveries, lawn mowing, and
the chaos of a loving two-parent home on the bad side of Appleton, Wisconsin.  After
failed attempts at the bassoon and place-kicking, he began playing guitar at the
tender age of 13 as an outlet for his emotional pain.  Raised on a steady diet of hair
metal, classic rock, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and 80's pop, his playing is a blinding and
confusing amalgam of modern rock, blues, questionable rapping tendencies, and
sincere emotional distance.  In high school his playing quickly earned the respect of
his peers on the Wisconsin campfire circuit. Following numerous victories at the
most prestigious Lutheran talent shows available in northeastern Wisconsin, he
expanded his musical horizons in college.  He kinda sang professionally in college
with some questionably sissy acapella groups and performed with his band "Electric
Mayhem" at the worst frat houses on the east coast.  After college, he went through
his legendary "balding period", and forsook his music for nearly 6 years.  After moving
to Iowa City in 2001 for his love of crystal meth, he has once again begun performing
for the teeming masses. His acoustic performances are peppered with carefully
chosen covers played in unique styles, as well as original tunes that aren't about girls
that won't date him.  An evening with JB on stage is like taking your best friend to the
prom - an evening burgeoning with possibilities that leaves you frustrated and
wanting for more.  A talent like this can't be tied down to just one fan.  Won't you
please be fan #2?
Jonnie "Geetahr" Bock
  • Jonnie plays a Taylor 310kce acoustic guitar with elixir light strings.
  • Jonnie also plays an American Standard Fender Stratocaster with
    d'Addario strings through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp.
  • Jonnie uses a Boss RC-20XL loop pedal to double the rockin'
  • Jonnie will gladly accept donations of any equipment you wanna give him.
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