What does an Otolaryngologist Do?

ENT specialists, or Otolaryngologists, are physicians who are
trained to treat all medical and surgical diseases of the ears,
nose, and throat.  These diseases include ear
drainage/infections, hearing loss, sleep apnea, facial trauma,
airway reconstruction, salivary gland disease or cancers,
sinusitis,allergies, balance and dizziness problems, oral and
laryngeal cancers, skin cancers, hoarseness and vocal
problems, swalllowing disorders, and aesthetic or reconstructive
facial plastic surgery, as well as many other diseases.  We treat
a wide range of patients, from newborn to elderly, both male and
What sort of research do you do?

I have completed nearly 5 years of laboratory work during my
medical training, and all of it has involved translational medical
treatments for head and neck cancers.
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I am currently a third-year resident in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck
Surgery at the University of Iowa.  As part of my residency training, I
have completed a 2 year NIH research fellowship, and I plan on
incorporating a basic science research laboratory program into my
eventual career as an academic ENT specialist.  Included in this page
you will be able to find more information about my training, as well as
specific details regarding the following issues:
Jonathan M. Bock, MD
What is Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery?
Details about residency training in Otolaryngology
Information on cancer research interests and
Complete and up-to-date curriculum vitae
Links of interest regarding medical training, ENT,
research, and residency
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